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" Mr. Simmons," Mr. Munn directed, " you ride down there
and see what's going on." He pointed down the slope of Main

" Yes, sir," the man said, but, before he had touched heel to
his horse, more men were running into Main Street from
around the corner, below. They ran directly toward the first
group, struck it, and merged with it. Then more men
appeared. They picked up the figure which lay in the middle
of the street. A single horseman, down there in the middle of
the street, gesticulated toward the crowd. The man named
Simmons was now approaching that other horseman.

More men, a solid column of men, swung into Main Street,
and moved up the slope toward the intersection of Main and
Jefferson. The man named Simmons passed them as he
galloped back. Beyond the approaching column, over the
roofs, the sky was marked with a line of flames.

Simmons drew up beside Mr. Munn. " Cassidy's saloon," he
said, breathing heavily, "some of 'em tried to bust into it.
Their captain and another fellow, they tried to stop it, and
they knocked out the captain. That was him laying in the
street. The others, they come then and stopped 'em. My
God, the doc, he's down there raising hell, he's-----"

"Doctor MacDonald?" Mr. Munn demanded.

"Yeah, Doctor MacDonald, that's him on the horse, and,
by God, what he's telling 'em! He's calling 'em names I
didn't know."

Mr. Munn looked off down the slope. The head of the
marching column was very near now, the men swinging
along irregularly four abreast, laughing and shouting. Just
then, a few random shots were fired from the column.

"Did Doctor MacDonald send any word?" he demanded.

" Yeah, yeah," the man said, his eyes fixed on the approach-
ing column. " He said if you caught anybody trying to bust
in. a saloon or anything, just pick 'em up, no matter even if
they're our fellows or not. He said beat hell outer Jem if you
had to. He said shoot 'em in the leg."

"He said that?" Mr. Munn asked.